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Debugging Node.js

I’ve never found the time to investigate better ways to debug Node.js than using console.log. So I’ve decided to do some googling and testing, and write-down here the result as a memo.


Just one little step better than using console.log, the util.inspect function generates a human-readable representations of the parameter specified. It’s like Ruby Object.inspect, but with some extra features.

I like using it like this:

// inspect the Boolean function constructor
// options: show hidden fields, 1 depth of recursion, use ANSI colors
util.puts(util.inspect(Boolean, true, 1, true));

In my terminal, this is the output:

A proper debugger

OK, let’s move to something more serious. Node.js has an easy to use built-debugger which hooks to the V8 JavaScript engine debugger. The best deal is using it via a package called node-inspector. It’s like a chain:

node-inspector (visual UI) -> Node.js debugger -> V8 debugger

This combination is really powerful. node-inspector uses the WebKit debugger as a UI. Here is a screenshot of me, inspecting an Express.js response object:

It’s also very easy to use. Just run node with --debug param, start node-inspector, and open a browser.

node-inspector can also be hooked to an existing process and can be easily used to do remote-debugging.


Hello world!

Hi everybody. So this is my first post. After more than 3 years I’m finally back writing a blog. My previous blog is still on-line. If you are curious, here it is:

Why I admit it was a tough decision. My first plan was to build a custom blog engine using Node.JS and hosted on Heroku. Then I realised I would have to duplicate a lot of things I could get for free. I also like the fact that using a ready-made solution force me to focus on the contents and less on the technical details.

My plan is to use this blog to publish my technical discoveries and my thoughts about web development and technical team leadership.

So here we are. Let’s begin.